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Two guys talking about the wacky, exciting, sometimes fantastic, and always talented world of Independent league baseball. Episodes come out weekly.

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3 days ago

Recorded- March 1, 2024
Uploaded- March 2, 2024
The Dogs might have found themselves in some hot water with how they run their business. New England has unveiled their logo and we finally get to the ALPB South review.

Episode 259: Gastonia Glow Up

Saturday Feb 24, 2024

Saturday Feb 24, 2024

Recorded- February 23, 2024
Uploaded- February 24, 2024
There’s some serious changes coming to coaching staffs including a vet heading out and rookie manager. An international flair is present this week with some tryout news and some stock offseason news. Brady Salisbury joins the show to talk about Gastonia, both future and present.

Episode 258: Burn The Barn Down

Saturday Feb 17, 2024

Saturday Feb 17, 2024

Recorded- February 16, 2024
Uploaded- February 17, 2024
There’s some rebrands that got very different receptions that we need to talk about. Oakland is moving to a home across town and Sioux City is handing some big extensions too. Jack Jennings joins the shows to discuss his work building the Dockhounds roster in 2023 and 2024.

Saturday Feb 10, 2024

Recorded- February 8, 2024
Uploaded- February 10, 2024
Gastonia has been officially unveiled, we discuss. Indeed there’s more as the Jackals start a manager hunt late in the offseason. We review the ALPB North’s 2023 season.

Episode 256: Old School Cool

Saturday Feb 03, 2024

Saturday Feb 03, 2024

Recorded- February 2, 2024
Uploaded- February 3, 2024
Gastonia is set to announce their new ALPB team replacing the Honey Hunters and Windy City/New England add some MLB experience. Mike Pinto joins the program to talk Joliet, Southern Illinois, and so much more!
Interview starts at 17;27

Saturday Jan 27, 2024

Recorded- January 25, 2024
Uploaded- January 27, 2024
The sale of Lexington is complete and wheel give you the details on the newest Pioneer League in Yolo County. The massive coaching carousel spins this week and you’ll get the full details and thoughts on every manager.
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Episode 242-245
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Episode 254

Saturday Jan 20, 2024

Recorded- January 18, 2024
Uploaded- January 20, 2024
There’s something going on in Kentucky and we’re looking to get to the bottom of it. Likewise, there’s some major changes coming across the Frontier League and the Pioneer League has an interesting brand roll out.

Saturday Jan 13, 2024

Recorded- January 12, 2024
Uploaded- January 13, 2024
There’s some expansion fever this week with new markets popping up and old favorites reemerging. There’s also some front office shake ups coming across the Indy Ball landscape. The gang also has an answer for the biggest question in the PBL.

Saturday Jan 06, 2024

Recorded- January 5, 2024
Uploaded- January 6, 2024
The Indy Ball community lost a titan this week, we speak on Bret Luethner’s passing. Also the Jackals and Ballers have two very unique issues when it comes to getting fans to the ballpark. We look at the B’s issue with the A’s about the O. Co and the Jackals open letter.

Saturday Dec 30, 2023

Recorded- December 29, 2023
Uploaded- December 30, 2023
It’s that time again, the Q/A is back! The tradition, unlike any other, where we take your questions and give you our answers. The 5th annual Q/A episode has everything from ALPB hypotheticals to hot takes.


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